The Benefits Of Augmented Reality in Education (2020)

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In this age of advancement and technology, everything tends to move in the latest and advanced way. Similarly, education advancement has no boundaries either. Just as teachers tend to make sure students learn in the best possible way. Students also learn better and effective with the latest and easiest ways of learning. Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the latest inventions to help ease the educational process.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the best-advanced way for a student to learn. They understand and grasp the subject in every aspect and retain it in their memories for longer.

Augmented Reality can blend the real world and technology. It can help students understand everything way better than textbooks, images, videos, or other computer devices. Moreover, AR is advancing at a rapid rate. Also, it’s compatible and students tend to learn faster and better with it.
According to Statista forecast, Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR) is expected to reach the size of $215 billion in 2021.

Ar Education

A normal Augmented Reality (AR) Set up in a classroom:

  • A stable internet connection
  • Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • AR apps, designed for educational purposes. (Marker-based)
  • Use of triggers and markers to triggers the action display of AR on top of the image.

Key Points

  • Enhance the Learning Process.
  • Increases Motivation In Students
  • Long-term memory Retention with AR
  • Interactive and Innovative Lessons.
  • AR Saves Time.
  • AR is Less Expensive.

Following are some advanced benefits of Augmented Reality (AR):

AR Enhances the Learning Process

The introduction of augmented reality in education has opened up various aspects. For a student to learn and enhance their abilities to learn more. It creates excitement in students and motivates them to learn too. Furthermore, AR nourishes their ability for problem-solving, creativity. It enhances their learning ability to a new level.
Moreover, AR provides an opportunity for students to go in-depth of the subject and learn with advanced methods. It helps them retain the learned material for a longer time. Their information and skills sharpen. Also, It deepens the knowledge of students while learning, reading, content creation, and much more.


Increases Motivation In Students

It is observed, because of Augmented Reality (AR), students are more motivated. They are interested in learning more than ever. It provides a magical experience, no boredom, and only innovation that keeps the students motivated. Moreover, excited to learn more. Usually, teachers find every possible way to not let the lecture go bore, AR does the job for them.
Furthermore, augmented reality makes lessons exciting and interesting. It spikes the curiosity of students and keeps them engaged. Also, motivates them to learn more and more through AR. When students understand and grasp the lesson easily, they will also participate more to learn. In the end, this is what AR apps of education tend to achieve.

Long-term memory Retention with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) uses innovative technology to help students in education and learning. It uses various methods like learning cycles and models to ease the learning process. Also, makes it interesting, motivational, and exciting at the same time. AR covers a wide range of subjects and topics. It provides innovative information about every one of them. This experience causes the students to keep learning with new ideas. Thus, creates a method of learning that students retain in their minds for a long time.
This imaginative power and curiosity of students also play an important role. Especially, in their memory retention and improvement. Thus, it enhances their memory. The students retain the learned material in their minds for long periods.

Interactive and Innovative Lessons

AR breaks the lines between reality and virtual worlds. It uses technology to merge the two worlds. It helps people understand every aspect in detail and precision. Similarly, in education, it helps students to grasp the topics and learn them in the easiest and most innovative ways.
AR brings life to educational concepts. With the devices that are in reach of students, they can easily access them. Through augmented reality, students can live through the process too. They can see it in the form of reality. They can connect their minds to it. Moreover, they can understand it in the most innovative and informative way.

AR Games

The 3-D (3 dimensional) approach is an effective way. For the students, it helps to see the objects in depth. Also, it breaks it into smaller pieces to learn it precisely. AR helps students to rotate the object, zoom, and visualize it to learn too. And it’s all on the smartphones or tablets, easily accessible. It is far better and informative than simple lectures or just images. Augmented reality helps students grasp the knowledge in reality through virtual eyes.

AR Saves Time

One of the biggest benefits of Augmented reality is that it’s less time-consuming. AR saves the time used in lectures and explanations. The visualization helps lessen the effort we need to put. Thus, in less time, students can understand the difficult topics easily. It saves the time of searching for the solutions of the topic. The search is already filtered according to the specific topic. It’s less stressful and saves time for good.

AR is Less Expensive

The expenses of educational devices are very high. Virtual reality devices are very expensive. 3-D monitors, VR models, posters, etc are money consuming. They are also easily damaged and lost. Expensive devices are easily stolen too. Though AR has no such problem. Moreover, students can use AR devices easily at home, in classrooms in one go. Students or faculties don’t have to buy expensive devices either AR devices save time and money.


Today, AR has a huge impact on education. The introduction of Augmented reality in education has made the learning process very easy. Also, there is no language barrier. Moreover, people speaking different languages can easily have access to it.
Furthermore, If AR continues to grow then in no time, it’ll have a strong connection to every field. Not just education. It’s used in architecture and content creation too.
It’s easily accessible, innovative, interactive, and very informative.