How to Say No to Anyone Without Feeling Guilty – A 2020 Motivation Guide

Learning how to say no to anyone without feeling guilty is the stepping stone towards your success. Being a people pleaser is no good for you. Moreover, you cannot improve your existence if you keep saying yes to everything.

“Yes, sir” “All right, I will do it.” 
We all hear these terms from someone we know. Maybe, at the workplace, institutions, or gatherings. At times, we observe people who consistently agree to do other work despite their own. They do not have enough courage to refuse others. As a result, it will thorn the path of being a successful person. So, if you are one of them, you need to learn How to Say No to Anyone Without Feeling Guilty.

Is saying Yes to Everything a Bad Idea?

You might be wondering why people say yes to everything? 
There can be times when you feel irritated by them. You may think likewise if they Don’t have their priorities?
Well, Of course, they do. They are only just hesitant to refuse or say no to anyone.
However, they are used to placing everyone ahead of their importance. Sometimes, this can turn bad. Also, they possess the sign of fawning trauma, which is not ideal for working persons. on the other hand, People can assume you a people pleaser or a dummy colleague.
Do you know Why?
Because a lack of self-confidence can likely put you in these situations, improper communication, low self-potential, and self-esteem may result in you in endorsing everyone and everything they say. 

Although, you can lay a full-stop to these situations. You can do it by learning how to say no to anyone.
“To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” ― Albert Camus. Besides, a little selfishness is always fruitful towards success. So, don’t forget it.


Yes – man? A Big NO

We know that Nobody likes being called a Yes-man. Unfortunately, It’s not a sign of a good personality. But then who is mainly an overdrawing yes-man? How can we spot them is the real question. So, let us move forward with the Yes-man idea that can sometimes turn bad.

A yes-man is usually A person who says “yes” to everything. Well, that is obvious by its name. But there is always a dumbfounding characteristic. They stick around people that are more successful in some way. besides, They don’t hesitate to agree with you. Even if you knowingly provide wrong ideas, they agree to it. Moreover, they often leave their work hanging while doing others’ work.
Anyway, you can also call them a people pleaser. They do everything you ask them to do. Whether they like to do it or not. It does not matter. Because in the end, they are accustomed to agreeing to everyone. 
Wait, do you know if you might be one of them? 
Don’t worry. We are here to help you figure out. with this guide, you can always put yourselves ahead and say no to people without feeling guilty.

Are You a Yes – man? Learn Say No to Anyone

Consider yourself if you continuously agree to everything. Start by Absorbing 2 or 3 days usually and evaluate yourself on the 4th day. Recall everything you did. Be it at work, home, or wherever you’re at between the days. List down yourselves favoring to things or people. Then, take a look at the possible situations you might be involved in.

  1. Did you agree to a person because of their importance in your group?
  2. Did you leave your work behind to do something you have been asked to do?
  3. Are you valuing someone other than your existence in the places?
  4. Did you do other’s work even you did not want to?
  5. Do you always copy/follow someone who is in the same designation as you?
  6. Do you feel hesitant to say no to a particular person other than your superior managers?
  7. Most importantly, do you have sleep deprivation? 
  8. Do you continuously imagine yourself behind at work because of others’ work?

If you find any of these things you consistently do, then its time you create boundaries. Without feeling guilty, you can always refuse to people or say no. Self-importance is a must. Make sure to give importance to your priorities.


How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty or Offensive

In this article, you will easily learn about how you can refuse people. All you need to do is take a deep breath and absorb the below-mentioned tactics.

  • Embrace Self-confidence
  • Keep Your Priorities ahead
  • Weigh before you Respond
  • Create your Subjective Boundaries
  • Say No – In a polite way
  • Don’t Express Regret
  • Provide a substitute

1. Embrace Self – Confidence

Hesitation is the main reason behind not refusing extra work. Look at yourself. Do you have piled up work? Did you leave your work hanging in the middle? or maybe there is no time left to submit unfinished work?
Why? Because you always agree to do others’ work. You lack the self-confidence of Saying no to people.

So, the core key to success is to embrace self-confidence. Know your limitations. You should only take the work you can handle. List down your daily routine. See if you can manage extra work and the rest of the day. If you can’t, just refuse them.
There is no shame in declining people. The world is not going to end. Be brave and don’t underestimate your values. Taking on loads of work will affect your mental health too.

2. Keep Your Priorities Ahead

One of the most apparent concerns of saying yes is not valuing your priorities. Your self-motivation, importance, and existence depend on you. Always putting others forward is not going to lead you anywhere. People will get used to assigning you their work. Or they may always interrupt your workings by requesting for your time.

Not giving importance to your existence is the blocking bridge to your success. If you always agree to do the work, you won’t improve. People will see you as an available resource. Besides, you will put your work aside and complete it first.
As a result, you will have loads of pending work and assignments. Therefore. Keep your priorities ahead. Define your moral values. Be responsible for your work and tasks. 

3. Weigh Before You Respond

You might be considered with your excuses about how to say no to anyone without feeling guilty. well, You can always refuse if you can’t feel right. But wait, weigh before you respond to a request. Always keep in mind to not answer instantly. Because this may seem offensive to anyone. They will assume things Like maybe you already decided to decline on them. Because it’s obvious that people who respond a definite ‘No’ in a matter of seconds are usually the one who certainly has planned a refusal.

So, take your time. Practice your wordings because practice makes a man perfect. Don’t flip-flop your answer. Create a solution that will clear out your response. Indeed, you don’t want to feel guilty afterward. 

4. Create Your Subjective Boundaries

There are times when you consider doing the project. A good monetary exchange for service may attract you. Then you realize the project can take days. It will cost you missing out quality time with your family. Which also means you cannot cherish the family moments. So, you opt out to refuse the client.

The sudden realization of spending time with family resulted in declining the project. People may demotivate you. But that is entirely okay. Saying no does not mean you are rude. Sometimes, it’s the best decision. Perhaps it might have lent you a considerable sum of money. But it meant to sacrifice on your family time.
So, when it comes to your priorities, create your boundaries. Say no to anyone without feeling any guilt. Know your plans and leave demotivating people behind. This way, you can not let anything distract you.

5. Say No – In a Polite Way

“I said I would not do your work.” It sounds as harsh as you are rude. Responding severely to people can create a negative image. Take the time to build your response. We know that you don’t want to be called a people pleaser. But then it always comes to your words. Instead, you can use more careful words.

“I’m afraid I can’t take the responsibility” “Please Don’t mind. I’m all caught up this week.”
This way, you can say no without offending anyone. You just need to gather the courage and say no to anyone.

Assume there are things you want your colleague to do. But he/she declines your request by being rude. At times, you will consider how harsh they have become. Because they were once so polite, but suddenly they aren’t. 
Well, it’s a natural human phenomenon to think this way. You won’t assume things, but your mind creates a negative image. So try to say no in a polite way. 


6. Don’t Express Regret

Once you decline on something, don’t express your regret. Don’t just go with creating a regretful impression. Sadly, there are a few people who will keep asking you to do. Even when you decline, they don’t take it positively. They don’t like themselves being rejected, especially from you. So, You end up being frustrated and upset.
Once you are fed up. There will be more likely chances of you accepting their order. Why? Because you are irritated and you want it to end. But this is not the right way to deal with them.

Expressing your regret is what makes them motivated. They manipulate you from “No” to a “Yes.” So, your response should be precise and clear-cut. If you said ‘No’, then there should be a constant “No” till the end. Even if they keep asking for the same work. You just have to be clear about your answer. Explain to them why you can’t take on their work. This way, they will move on.

7. Provide a Substitute

Learning to say no to anyone without feeling guilty can be a little concerning. Sometimes, you can’t say no to your favorite or caring person. You may think bad if you don’t accept their request. But why keep a stack of unfinished work when you can offer them an alternative? Right?

Well, If you can’t do the work, it is okay. You can always provide a substitute. You can still refer to someone else. This way, you can have your job done and theirs too. 

Final Takeaway

Saying yes to everyone can get you in trouble. You might end up leaving your priorities, work, or assignments. Or maybe it could be the other way. You want to decline, but you are hesitant to do so. Don’t worry, with this article; You can quickly learn how to say no to anyone without feeling guilty.