Top 5 Healthy Indoor Fitness Games for Kids

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Kids are the cutest creature of God. However, their laughter and giggles could sometimes convert into crying and shouting when their activities are limited. Moreover, it has always been a matter of concern for mothers to keep their kids busy in healthy activities. Hence, they are always on the lookout for healthy indoor fitness games for kids.

Playing video games and watching TV all the time could affect children’s fitness and health. Physical activities with human interaction enhance their learning capability. It also helps them stay fit. Playing around with friends keeps them socially and physically active. Finding fitness games for kids aged from 5 to 12 years is a real challenge.

Furthermore, fitness games boost the energy levels and heart rates of your kids. Here are the top 10 healthy indoor fitness games for kids that mothers or caretakers can follow. It is also helpful for teachers who lookup for different indoor activities for their little students at schools.

Kids Play

Indoor Fitness Games for Kids – Most Popular 10

1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a game that many adults have a memory of from their childhood. It is a very old game but still joyful. Even grownups love to play it. If you’re a mother, a caretaker, or a teacher, you can play indoor hopscotch with the kids.

How to play indoor hopscotch?

  • Draw squares on the floor with the help of tape. (Make sure squares are big enough to place one foot without touching the boundary) 
  • Have a little flat stone or some similar thing in your hand, which will act as a marker.
  • Throw the stone on 1.
  • Skip the square having the stone.
  • Place both the foot on the squares that are beside each other.
  • Place one foot on the square that has no other square beside it.
  • Make sure to change feet while jumping and don’t step on the line, or you’ll lose.

The hopscotch game involves jumping and shifting from two legs to one leg or from one leg to two legs. This keeps the kids active and fit. It also improves their concentration power as they have to make sure that their foot doesn’t touch the line.

2. Hula Hoops

The hula hoop is a game that attracts kids a lot. It is a toy ring that is twirled around the waist, neck, limbs, or arms. It is one of the exciting indoor fitness games.

How to play indoor hula hoop?

  • You need to have a hula hoop ring.
  • Have a little space around you so the ring can move freely.
  • Get the ring around your waist.
  • Pull it to front a bit so that it touches your back.
  • Give it a push from your right hand towards your left hand so that it starts moving anti-clockwise.
  • Raise your hands in the air.
  • Move your waist anti-clockwise slightly so that ring doesn’t stop moving.
  • It might take you a few tries before you learn how to play with it.
  • You can follow the same steps for making it twirl around your neck, limbs, or arms.

To make it more joyful, you can have competition between the kids as to who can keep it moving for a longer time. The hula hoop is not only a fantastic game, but it also keeps the kids fit, active, and healthy. It is a sort of workout that burns calories.

3. Skipping Rope

The skipping rope has been everyone’s favorite game for a long time. It is an amazing indoor fitness game. Not only kids enjoy playing it but teenagers too.

How to play indoor Skipping Rope?

  • You need to have a skipping rope.
  • Hold its both ends in your hands.
  • Place it behind you while holding the ends up to your elbows.
  • Move it in front of you from above your head.
  • Jump above it to let it pass through under your feet.
  • Repeat the process, and enjoy it!

To make it more joyful, you can have competition between the kids as to who can skip the rope for a longer time. The indoor skipping rope game keeps the kids fit and active. It involves continuous jumping that boosts up the heart rate and makes them energetic.

4. Tug of War

The kids’ most favorite game is the tug of war. It consumes all their energy and power to make their team win. If you have two or more kids around you, then the tug of war is one of the best indoor fitness games to let them play.

How to play indoor tug of war?

  • You need to have a rope and a companion to play this game with.
  • Mark boundaries for both the sides with tape.
  • Hold the rope tightly.
  • Pull towards your side.
  • You have to make sure you don’t cross your boundary.
  • Your target is to pull other players with much force that they cross the boundary.
  • The one who crosses the boundary first will lose the game

Tug of war boosts the energy of kids, makes them able to work in a team, and helps them stay fit. It is a healthy physical game to keep kids busy and happy.

5. Musical Chairs

Kids love playing musical chairs. They enjoy it a lot. When five to six kids meet, the game they choose to play is the musical chair. Even adults enjoy seeing kids play musical chairs.

How to play indoor musical chairs?

  • Play this game in an open room or lounge where there will be some space.
  • Place one less chair than the number of players in a line.
  • Each chair must face opposite to the chairs beside it.
  • Kids have to run around the chairs when the music starts and sit down on the chairs when the music stops.
  • The one who doesn’t get a chair to sit on eliminates from the game.
  • The next round has one less chair.
  • These steps continue until only one chair is left.
  • The one who gets to sit on the last chair wins the game.

Musical chairs involve running for a seat and following the music attentively. It helps the kids in improving their attention ability and also keeps them fit. However, kids must play musical chairs under adult supervision. It is so because, at the end, when one chair is left, there are high chances of kids getting in a fight or one of them ending up crying. Kids are innocent, after all.


There are many other amazing indoor fitness games, but the above 5 wins them all. Many of them are being played since the 90’s era, while some are new. These are joyful multi-purpose games. They keep the kids busy with healthy activities and keeps them away from computers and TV screens. Not only this, but they also keep the kids healthy, active, social, playful, and fit. Kids of a minimal age can’t be left outdoor to play. For them, these indoor fitness games do a lot of good.