How to Burn Calories with Sports Activities – 2020 Guide

Staying fit and active are not the only things we can achieve through Sports. In fact, You can burn calories from sports activities as well. Running and cycling across the streets have been our much-loved childhood activities. Then, let us stay in shape by reliving similar memories.

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How does it Work?

Excess body weight can make you inactive. The body stores excess calories in the form of fat. It is essential to reduce the unwanted fat by burning calories to stay active and in-shape.
The burning of calories depends on the body-weight. It can be difficult for people with a lot of weight to carry out activities since it requires extra energy to lift their own hefty muscles.
According to NCHS, an average human body weights around 170.5 lbs. (Female body) to 197.8 lbs. (Male body). So, don’t worry if you’ve stored more body fat than usual. The more the body weighs, the more calories are burnt.

Sports that will Melt Your Calories like Snow

People usually aspire for a perfect physique. And for that, they vigorously do exercises and perform gym activities.
But, many achieve no results after putting hours of work and sweat. This becomes an irritating and demotivating factor for many people.
Hence, they particularly tend to quit their journeys. So, have you ever felt the same way? Or do you want to use your energy differently?
Let your worries be gone because we are here to help you stay healthier. Readout below to find out the top sports activities which will help you burn your calories, excessive fat, and of course, your worries.

Cycling – Riding a Bike (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 510 to 754 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: Moderate

Without a doubt, this is what we have been doing our whole childhood. Marking our ways here and there, we all are used to cycling whether it’s pedaling our route up to a hill roadside or surfing around the house.
Thus, it consumes a lot of energy to ride a general bike. The body shifts your weight onto the wheels, making you sit on a small bicycle seat.
That’s why you find it difficult to pedal on a hillside road. So, why not relive childhood memories and bring the old bicycles back into the business as well?


Running – On Track (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 480 to 710 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: 5 mph on treadmill or 12 mins per mile on the track

Running on a track or treadmill can burn down an immense number of calories. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for cardiovascular patients. Running across the street and catching a mesmerizing view of nature certainly makes keeps your mood light as well.
So, put on some joggers and walk out of your house for a running session. Or you can do an indoor gym session with a treadmill too. Anyways, the choice is always yours.


FootBall – General Soccer (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 480 to 710 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: General, Touch, Flag

This exciting game across the soccer field brings a lot of thrill. You are not only burning calories while running but also when you kick the ball.
Your body consumes energy to contract your leg muscles. Ultimately, the fat is broken and used to lift the energy level.
This way, you polish a personal hobby and eliminate the right amount of fat too.


Jumping Rope (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 600 to 888 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: Indoor General Sessions

We all have a jumping rope hidden inside one of our cupboards or stores. Bring it out now because you are going to burn out the excess calories with it!
Jumping repeatedly burns massive amounts of calories as energy consumption is maximum. The body metabolizes the fat to produce energy for continuously using hands and muscles to lift the whole body up.

Jumping Rope

Tennis (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt:  420 to 622 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: Free Play

During school academics or college days, we have been to the tennis court either to play or watch others. You might have also considered yourself never fit enough to take a dig at it because those who play always seem to be so in shape.
The reason behind their activeness is the adrenaline rush. Playing tennis requires you to move swiftly, analyze, and predict which way to run for the incoming shot.
Focusing on shots and moving your body along with it makes the metabolism work faster. For this, our body utilizes stored fat. Therefore, you can find yourself to be thin and physically active if you decide to start playing.


Swimming (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 360 to 532 Calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: General

Swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories. It requires your whole body’s muscles to move and strive against the water waves.
In fact, who doesn’t love swimming in the backyard pool on a sunny day? Or maybe challenging to loop out the pool in the gym along with your mates.
So, while having fun, you also end up using a lot of your stored energy and ultimately burn a lot of excess fat.


Walking – Freebie Jogging (Duration – 60 minutes)

Time Spent: an hour
Calories Burnt: 240 to 356 calories
Weight: 125 lbs. To 185 lbs. weight
Activity Level: General Walk less than 10m loop.

Waking up to a beautiful day and going out on a gentle jog can boost your metabolism as well. Also, jogging freely alongside the park enhances your mood and productivity throughout the day too.
Without a heavy breakfast or walking on an empty stomach, the body will convert stored fats into energy for use. This way, you can reduce your weight slow and steadily.


Take Away

Over intake of food or excess consumption of sweets can risk stomach obesity or belly fat, which will eventually end up being unwanted fat around your body. With the sports activities mentioned earlier, you can, in fact, burn the calories without taking on an expensive gym memberships. This will not only cut down your stored fat but will also be beneficial for your wallet. So, stop worrying about body weight and relive your childhood days by re-adapting these sports activities you used to do for fun.