What Should I Be When I Grow Up?– Post COVID19 World (2020)

During this deadly pandemic, the corona virus world seems to be working it’s way out of the set course. Things seem to go out of hands. It’s quite difficult to make a living especially in under developing countries. So, what should be the ideal profession when you grow up? Keeping in mind the COVID19? Because of the unemployment in the present day, one must be worried about career they should pursue when they grow up.Furthermore, keeping in mind the current unemployment rate, it’s considered wise to choose a career that won’t be affected by any other pandemic because we do not know what the future holds. There are professions that you can choose, either you want to stay home and work or go out of the house and practice some other job.

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Statistics of job unavailability in recent pandemic:

Almost 1.6 billion economy workers out of 3.3 billion workforce were severely affected. Moreover, countries like Australia had 33 percent drop in the jobs availability.86 percent in India, 41 percent in US, 31 percent in England and 81 percent in Hong Kong (China).

now keeping in mind the recent events, following are the few professions that you can pursue without going through any risk of COVID 19:

Content Writer:

Content writing has to be the most easily available online job with a salary ranging from normal to very high. The content writers are professionals who create content for web in form of blogs, articles and other informative materials. A content writer can either be working as a freelancer or working for a company on monthly payments. Also, Bachelor’s degree is required for this job. You must be good in English grammar, searching skills, communication and creative writing. Content writers work from home. In this pandemic, content writers were probably included in the least effected category of professions.

This is a successful profession. The salary depends on the type of work. If you were with a company, you’ll have a monthly pay according to their criteria. If you work as a freelancer for only one project, you write and create for them and they pay you right after. You can be a successful content writer when you grow up. Writing a book: Writing a book is also a form of content creating and a versatile profession. Moreover, once you write a book that is based on the recommendations of the public, you can easily land a publisher and publish your book. The average salary of an author is around $73,0000.

Check out ‘How to become an author’: https://scoopinside.com/become-an-author/

IT Manager:

In an organization, an IT manager coordinates, plans and leads computer related activities. They help in the IT infrastructure, architecture and its processes. Moreover, they are responsible in monitoring the information technology and the related systems. Also, they manage the telecommunication operations of the organization. They control the software and hardware strategies as well. Furthermore, An IT manager holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or any equivalent experience. They must have excellent managing and operating skills and decision making as well. Good and compatible knowledge about phone systems, processing, database, information security, network and data storage is required. Moreover, IT managers enjoy a median pay of above $142,000. This profession is common with a high rate of success.

Software Developers:

In the next 10 years, the demand of software developers will increase by 21 percent. It’s higher than any other occupation. In the world  of advanced technology, such occupations will increase employment opportunities as well. A software engineer has a salary of is above $100,000 – 110,000. Software developers create applications and software that run on different devices and are the base of many businesses. Hence, you can apply for a job in software development after a bachelor’s degree. You should have strong computer and programming skills. Moreover, these computer related jobs will always be available. That’s because people are very much dependent on computer and electronic devices and they will never go out of business. It

Graphic Designer:

Graphic designer is a professional who uses images, graphics, animations to create a design. Its expertise includes:

  • Page layout Branding
  • Webcomics
  • Web design
  • Illustrations.
  • Logo designing

A common software called Adobe is fit for this. A bachelor’s degree is required for this normally. Moreover, the competences include technical skills, art skills and cultural relevance. You don’t have to go to any office or place to work specifically for this. You can easily work from home and have a perfect graphic designing job with a handsome pay. When thinking of what to become when you grow up, do consider graphic designing as a profession.

Online Lecturer:

Even before the pandemic, online teaching was in. Though because of COVID19, this has increased. The lectures are held online and students take online lectures, submit online assignments. This provides flexibility of location and you can give lectures at home, in your own comfortable environment. There is no fuss of going out or being late to the place. Online teaching is convenient. Information sharing is easy and online context is available any time. You can share files and information at any time while being connected to masses. On the point searching is available. Online quizzes and tests are also available and have made lectures easy to take with complete academic course. To grow up and be an online lecturer is not a bad idea!


The profession of an accountant is very important in any business organization. They keep the record and track of the flow of money, business transactions, financial statements, tax returns etc. They ensure proper managing of company assets. Moreover, they manage monthly payrolls, invoices, budgets, reviews, ensure expenditure control and other accounting documents. The common areas of studying are Accounting, Finance and Economics. This field requires a bachelor’s degree. An accountant’s average pay in the US is $60,000 approx. Accountant as a profession is not a bad choice when deciding what to be when you grow up.

There are other jobs that you can consider as well:

  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Medical billing
  • Auditing
  • Insurance claims
  • Database management.

The above mentioned professions are very suitable for those who wish to have a profession that goes with the trends of the world and have a good pay. Some people wish to work from home even of there is no pandemic. So, they can choose from these professions easily when they are thinking of what to be when they grow up or in near future.