How to Treat Anisakiasis with Natural Products – Health Guide (2020)

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Anisakiasis causes allergies and abdominal inflammations. The uncommon disease brings the only discomfort to life. So it’s better to treat Anisakiasis with natural products.
The disease is sporadic and needs proper diagnosis.
Besides, an improper diagnosis leads to unnecessary surgeries. Which we assure, nobody wants.
But before we move to natural treatment. Let us catch quick notes.

  • What is Anisakiasis?
  • Symptoms
  • Where is it found?

Anisakiasis – What is this Disease?

Is it your first time hearing the word?
Well, Of course, it is very uncommon in the world.
The disease is due to a parasite worm, Anisakis. The worm comes through infected eggs of marine mammals. When they dump their feces, their bode releases the contaminated eggs. The eggs then float in the water and form into larvae.
Besides, larvae are the food for shellfishes, prawns. Therefore, it eventually passes on to fishes and then to humans.

Anisakiasis Symptoms and Diagnoses

Consuming raw fish leads to Anisakiasis. While we eat, the larvae travel along with food. Then, it reaches the stomach and attaches itself to the wall.
The larvae grow up to be a parasite worm.
Subsequently, it moves and reaches the gastrointestinal tract. Further, it penetrates the intestinal tissues. As a result, the following signs occur.

  1. Pain in the abdomen.
  2. Vomit or nausea.
  3. Sudden diarrhea.
  4. Mild fever.
  5. Skin allergies.
  6. Mucus or blood spots in stool

Perhaps, it can be very challenging to identify. People misunderstand the symptoms. Because the signs are the same as stomach pain.
The parasite travels from the mouth to the intestines. It locates anywhere in the tract. Therefore, treatments depend on where it exists.

Anisakiasis Common Grounds -Where can it be Found?

While you eat raw fish, you expose yourself to the risk of getting the worm inside your stomach. It exists in countries where eating fresh fishes is a natural habit.
Countries like Japan have more cases than the United States, South America, Europe, and other countries.
Hence, the real grounds reside with undercooked or raw fish meat. It wholly depends on your eating habits rather than the country.

How to Treat Anisakiasis?

Treatment requires the removal of the parasite. There are two methods.
1. Clinical
2. Natural

Anisakiasis Clinical Treatment

First, it is necessary to examine and locate the worm.
Anisakiasis patients posses a history of eating raw fish. Hence, the best way to check is to look at the food routine.
Next step is the endoscopy. The X-rays and scans play a significant role in identifying the location of the worm.
Once surgeons locate the area with a gastric tube. Then, they use Biopsy forceps to extract the worm.

Anisakiasis Natural Treatment

The natural way to remove the worm is medication. Albendazole and peppermint affect Anisakis. Treating the parasite will be relieving with these products.


Albendazole defends the human body from parasites. It is an anti-worm medication. Globally, the usage is for parasites like tapeworms.
The medicine shows effectiveness against Anisakiasis. It slows the activity of the worm. Further, it reduces inflammations and wounds.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Surprisingly, peppermint treats anisakiasis. In 2014, it showed in the experiment carried with rats.
The Mentha Piperita conserves the worm. As a result, the parasite dies.
The methods involve different concentration levels. The 100% result points at 250µg/ml.
Hence, the organic products prove to as sustainable.

How to prevent Anisakiasis- A Quick Pick:

On the safe side, you should consume properly cooked fishes. According to the FDA, the usual standards to avoid the problem and kill the parasite are;

  • Cooking the fishes properly till the temperature of the meat reaches utmost to 63°C or 146°F.
  • Freeze the fishes before cooking:
    a. At -20°C or -4°F for storing more than a day.
    b. At -35°C or -31°F for 16 hours or until it solidifies.


Treat anisakiasis with natural products. The disease of Anisakiasis is becoming a public health problem. Due to no specific knowledge, patients undergo invasive procedures. Therefore, natural treatment against the anisakiasis worm can be very suitable to avoid the clinical process.

Further, the albendazole and peppermint oil showed distinct results in reducing the pain and eliminating the worm.