Protecting Dog from Fireworks: How to Keep Your Dog Calm

Just like humans, sudden and loud noises also scare dogs. These noises make the dogs feel a sudden threat and alarm them of danger. They are not aware that the fireworks noise is not a threat. The flashes and bangs created by fireworks frighten the dog, resulting in them getting stressed and leading to anxiety as well.
There are many occasions in which you can predict if you or dog is scared of loud sounds or not. For example, if your dog is scared of loud thunder sounds then it is more likely that it’s scared of fireworks as well. Some days like the 4th of July or bonfire nights etc. can cause stress in dogs and they will get scared and panicked.

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40% of UK dogs are scared of fireworks. 45% of US dogs run away when they panic after hearing the loud sound of the fireworks. The owners of these pets need to take a few precautions to protect themselves and their dogs from this haste and keep them calm in this situation.
Following are the few tips you can follow for protecting your dog during fireworks:

Create a ‘safe place’ for your dog:

Almost every dog has a small space in which they reside. It is mostly a crate home. Provide a small crate home to your dog along with some cozy blankets and toys. It will be a safe place for them to run to when they hear the fireworks. The coziness and warmth of the small house, along with the toys and also some food can work to calm the dog.
Moreover, draw the curtains, keep the doors and windows closed to muffle as much sound as possible. As we know, dogs have a sensitive hearing so such precautions are necessary. Furthermore, when your dog will hear the loud noise, it will run to its safe house and all the comfort will slowly drain away from the stress and panic. This will make them feel safe.

Avoid taking them out on a fireworks night at any cost:

There is no doubt that you must’ve taken your dog out for a walk almost daily. It’s a necessary exercise for your dog. Though there a few nights like the 4th of July, New year’s eve, etc. where the fireworks show is a must. So, in case you’re outside with your dog in such nights, there’s a high chance of your dog getting frightened, stressed, and panic. In such cases, the dogs tend to run away from the loud sounds, and eventually, the owner loses them because of a loose leash.

Keep a tag on your dog in case it goes missing. So, when someone finds it, they can return it to you. Do not make them face their fears. It will never work. More importantly, even if your dog isn’t barking or whimpering in a firework show, they would be still terrified. Panting and yawning can indicate their stress as well. Hence, do not take your dog to any firework show by choice.

Play music or turn on the TV:

It’s ideal to play white music or turn the volume of your TV up in case there is a firework show near your place. It will not completely mask the loud bang but it is enough to distract your dog from them. Do not turn up the volume from more than normal. Play the music that your dog might associate to play with.
Other than that, you can use noise-canceling headphones as well.

Take your dog to veterinarian:

Since dogs are extremely sensitive to noise and smell, it is obvious that they will react extremely. Either it’s a pungent smell or loud noise, they will give different and extreme reactions.
Show them to the vet so they can provide you the information about basically how stress can be triggered due to loud noise. A study shows that there is an association between pain and noise receptors. Due to one loud sound, noise receptors activate and so do the pain receptors. It creates a reaction of distress, panic, or fear in the dog. You can also show your pet to an animal behaviorist. They will tell you the best on what behavior the dog adapts and what you should adapt while protecting your dog from fireworks.

Act normally withyour dog:

In a situation of fireworks, your dog will find a place to hide. It may be under the table, being the couch, under the bed or any secluded place they can find. In this case, comfort your dog. Give them their favorite toys. Play with them and pet them. Distract them with a game or a puzzle. Play fetch with your dog. Furthermore, give them treats. Don’t make them feel the fear by staying away. Your positive attitude will definitely be protecting your dog during fireworks.

Draw the curtains and close the doors:

Closing the windows and doors will lower the noise of fireworks. Draw the curtains for that no flash or lightning will enter the room. Your dog will definitely feel more secure. Moreover, you can also use some types of blindfolds. Moreover, you can use thunder shirts. These shirts hug the body of your pet gently and protect them from stress during fireworks.

Use tags or ID for your dog:

There chances that in this panicked situation, your dog might run away. If you have a proper tag on them or an ID with your address, it will be given back to you when found. Moreover, you should own legal documents on your dog. Microchips are also ideal.  You do not know if your dog will run far or not. So, to avoid any risk, keep a tag or ID on your dog.

Signs that your dog might be stressed or scared:

  • Heavy painting
  • Excessive yawning
  • Trembling
  • Whining
  • Pacing up and down
  • Hiding in places
  • Drooling
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • Destructive behavior

Things a dog owner should NEVER do to protect the dog during fireworks:

  • Let them near any firework display
  • Leave them alone
  • Tie them outside in the garden
  • Force them to get used to the fear

Above mentioned are a few tips that you can use to keep your dog protected and calm during fireworks. Dogs are sensitive animals so the precautions are necessary to keep them safe from this unnecessary situation. the above tips will come in handy while protecting your dog during fireworks.